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Bio: I have been married to Mark, my unrefined Prince Charming, for a life time. We have 4 children. I am a terrible speller and not a writer. I am not very swift with the computer. I pretend to be confident. I am not very organized. I am passionate about my family. I could use A LOT of help with my house and yard work. I am easily distracted. I think the world of my parents. I can fight like a man ~ or as WE (my friends from the karate school)like to say~A GIRL. My favorite exercises are; bagwork, sparring and anything that makes me sweat and work hard. I miss karate terribly and I hope to get back to real training one day. I don’t know the answers to most of these questions anymore; like favorite books, favorite music, or favorite movie. These are the things I know; I am my husband’s secretary for our business, a house wife, home-schooling mother of 4. I don't know what I am doing when it comes to any of these but I try. I like the books we need to read for school, I have sons that like to listen to Catholic radio, NPR and every now and then we listen to my kids' music. I have been told by friends, they are afraid I have lost my identity. But, I think I found it in my family.

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